The first tangelo….

I ate the first tangelo of the season today, mm, delicious. Sharp and tangy, a lovely mixture of tangerine and grapefruit. Unfortunately there are only four on the tree this year so they all have to be savoured! Let’s hope for a bumper crop next year.  The tangelo is in a pot which keeps it to a good manageable size and it’s a great easy care tree. It doesn’t need much maintenance, just an occasional feed, lots of mulch and a quick hair cut after its finished fruiting. Highly recommended if you like tangelos….

July In The Garden

Well, time seems to be speeding on and June has completely passed me by! The winter months are such a great time in the garden, not too hot and plenty of rain to keep things growing.  I always have to try hard not to get carried away and plant too many things as they will all need watering in the hotter months and that can be very time consuming. I never quite manage though and several new plants seem to have found their way into my “Patch”! I’m going to make a determined effort to sort out reticulating all the new additions to try and cut down some of the summer burden of watering.

Last of the lemons and sunrise limes are hanging on. The kaffir lime is as productive as ever and the tangelos are tantalisingly nearly ripe. They seem to be taking forever to ripen this year.

Honey snap peas and telegraph peas are growing well and should start podding soon. These always do better for me than the snow peas which flower once and then give up completely!


In the front row here are some of my new additions, from left to right, a Rangpur Lime, Rose Apple and Carambola or Star Fruit. Hiding at the back are asparagus, pineapple guava, fig, mango and banana…..

The “Burst” variety of blueberry are flowering heavily while others are sleeping and the garlic is going great guns. Radishes will need thinning soon but I can’t bear to throw any away! Just to the left there is a small ice cream bean plant that seems to have crept in from somewhere too.

More from the Patch soon….