Tumbling toms…

I don’t have much space in my garden.  We only have a 400 square metre block so all my plants have to be squeezed into a small area. I’ve decided to try all my cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets this year to try and free up some space in the ground for the bigger varieties. I’ve potted up two hanging baskets each with a red and a yellow cherry tomato in and the remainder I’ve put in a half basket hanging off the fence in behind the mulberry. Hopefully the mulberry will provide a little shade from the fierce afternoon heat to come. I did a surprise basket for the mother in law who was delighted and is busy counting tomato flowers and reporting back daily. Mind you, she’s phobic about caterpillars so we have to keep a watchful eye out and at the first sign of anything wiggling in the greenery the emergency call goes out and the basket comes back here until declared caterpillar free!

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